Day Trip, Provins

In order to make the most of my Erasmus year, and my time living in France, I’ve decided to try and get out of Paris on Sundays to explore more of this country! I work on Saturdays but have managed to create a list of places that will make great day trips from Paris!

The first of these day trips was to Provins, a small Medieval city about 1,5 hours from Paris. Provins is composed of two parts, the Medieval Ville Haute, and the Modern Ville Basse. It just so happened the day we went was the day of the Harvest Festival, which worked out very well as the town was really busy, and there were many food and drink stalls and activities.

After spending some time enjoying the festivities with a bottle of Breton Cidre, we walked through the old part of the city (sampling the local produce on the various stalls). The historic part of the town is enclosed in Medieval walls, which you can climb up and walk along, giving you a great view of the surrounding countryside. We also visited le Tour Cesar, the highest point of the city, and the Cathedral.

Provins was lovely, and well worth a visit from Paris, especially if you have the Navigo pass as Provins is in zone 5 and therefore included.


Harvest festival
Provins Streets
Le Tour Cesar
Medieval City Walls
Bakery in the street
Tasting Breton Cider



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