Day trip, Rouen

So my original plan was that on Sundays I would visit a new city in France, half way through my stay this so far hasn’t worked out. However, eventually I made plans and bleary eyed at 8am on a Sunday morning made it onto a train to Rouen!

The train journey itself was very smooth, leaving from Gare Saint Lazare and going straight through to Rouen in just under 2 hours. I love the older French trains as they still have compartments and it feels a bit like you’re on the Hogwarts Express!

Arriving in Rouen, you can instantly see the charm of the town, with its pedestrianised cobbled streets, lined with brightly coloured half-timbered buildings, a beautifully intricate astronomical clock (from which you get an amazing panoramic view of the city), and of course the Rouen Cathedral.

This makes it a lovely town to wander around. There are 3 Cathedrals in total, a Fine Arts Museum, a small museum inside the Gros Horloge (large astronomical clock) and you can also visit the Tower where Joan of Arc was held for part of her trial. Something also worth a visit is the Joan of Arc Historial, a museum / cinematic experience which takes you through the life and story of Joan of Arc.

So overall, Sunday may not be the best day to visit as most shops are shut and the town was fairly quiet, however it was a great day out with lots of interesting things to see, and a perfect distance from Paris for a day trip.

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Rouen
Rouen Streets
Rouen Streets
View from behind the Cathedral
Beautiful buildings in Rouen
Inside the Cathedral 
Gros Horloge
View from the clocktower
Musee des Beaux Arts
Monet’s Painting of Rouen Cathedral
Gardens behind the Cathedral


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