Paris Catacombs

If you’ve been to Paris a few times, or have already seen all the main sights and want to see something a little different then the Catacombs are well worth a visit. The queue was very long, but as we had nothing else to do we decided to wait (it ended up being over 2 horus). They offer a skip the line ticket, but as it’s much more expensive it may be better to arrive in the evening  a couple of hours before they close to miss the line.

The Catacombs are a series of underground tunnels and caverns which have been carved into the limestone, and which now function as an underground cemetery. Before Napoleon III redeveloped the city of Paris, the cemeteries were overflowing and diseases spread easily for this reason they decided to move all the bones underground and out of the way, organising them into piles into a proper mausoleum.

The Catacombs are really interesting, plaques mark dates of when bones were added or from which cemetery they came, and some of the alcoves use the bones to create intricate patterns.

It was a slightly eerie atmosphere, wandering through the cold and damp limestone tunnels lined with bones, but nevertheless an interesting visit.

Skull artwork?
Everything in the Catacombs in nicely arranged…
Plaques tell you from which graveyard the bones were brought from
So many bones…

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