Pâtisseries à Paris

Paris is a city of temptation. With a boulangerie or patisserie on almost every street it’s pretty tricky not to find yourself indulging in croissant aux amandes or chausson aux pommes now and again…

Aside from your everyday bakery, Paris is home to high-end patisseries such as Ladurée and Angelina. These are by no means cheap and I definitely do not visit them often, but for a very occasional treat they offer a selection of beautiful pastries and macarons, and Angelina makes possibly the best hot chocolate I have every tasted!

I would reccommend booking a table if you plan to go to either of these, as they are very popular with tourists and otherwise you could face a long wait, especially at weekends. Their brunch, though expensive would be a great treat on a weekend trip to Paris, and fuel you up for a great day of sightseeing!



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